We are trying to help with the tentative damage of the storm. As a preparation we are suggesting to cut an “X” in the second tier of panels. Every other panel on the side wall and front wall should suffice. We will have teams running after the storm to replace these panels for $30 a piece. We want to do as much as possible to reduce the risks of losing your enclosure. It is not a requirement, however we are suggesting it in cases that are closer to the coast. If your home is closer to the west side of Florida you should be fine, however those closer to the coast are recommended to do so. If you have questions please call me personally at 407-995-6005.before-after.fw

If you have further damage after the storm don’t hesitate to call us. When the hurricane trio hit us many years ago we were one of the few companies that were rebuilding the sections of the enclosures that were damaged rather than replacing the whole thing.

Please be aware that there will be many unlicensed screen repair people running around with trucks in the immediate aftermath of the storm, CFL Screens has been serving Central Florida since 1975 and we will be here for you again. Know who you are working with before you entrust them with your enclosures.